Today's artisan boy is called Vigert, a boy dedicated and determined to achieve his goals, who lives and works in Tirana.

Although the VigArt handicraft business was born 6 years ago, Vigert actually started working in the world of handmade handicrafts 12 years ago in a jewelry company.

During that period he has continued to increase in his heart and mind the desire for a brand of his own, identifiable by all.

If you take a look at his page @vigart_shop (most of you know for sure) you may simply notice that Vigert does not stop only at metalworking, although this element is the most visible.

He also makes good use of wood, paper, cardboard, clay and any kind of material that may be needed to make the final work.

He currently works with online orders, as well as continues collaborations with several physical stores in Tirana.

"But why not in the future I think to open a studio to present my work." he says.

On the page you can see the works usually made to order, because it always seeks to fit the idea and what the client wants, precisely because each work is personalized.

But there are also works which are designed and conceived by himself as his inspiration, without any specific requirements.

Asked how he sees himself after 5 years, he says that the desire and goal is to open a studio dedicated to VigArt Shop, collaborations with various companies and VigArt to become an international brand.

Where: Tirana

What: Home Decor


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