Meet: Raimonda Today we introduce you to Raimonden, a lady who has turned her family history into a small family business. As the whole family is engaged in the validation and management of this passion, so are the interviews we are presenting to you. Raimonda, not only an artisan and lady embroiderer, is also a mother who has the support of her children, who encourage her in modernization and representation in the digital world.

@ladybirdshop_tirana started in June 2019 as a result of the passion for handicrafts.

Raimonda points out that the encouragement and encouragement to bring her work online was born from her two children who, seeing her mother's passion and the work she does for them and their close friends, came up with the idea of ​​creating a space where she could not only nurture her passion, but also create a connection with the consumer and convey to them the work she carries out with love and passion.

Her daughter says that “Becoming part of such a community as instagram for a generation of moms was a challenge in itself, but it brought her very close to the way of thinking today, reflected in the combination of new techniques in embroidery ".

Raimonda has worked for years at "Artistike Migjeni" in Tirana and after so many years (for more than 25 years) that this art has been closed, Lady's page became an important part of family life and especially hers .

The works published on the website of Ladybirdshop_tirana are conceived and realized for the most part by Raimonda himself.

Few other products on the site are conceived and realized by Raimonda's husband, as a small family of artisans where he too has found his space of illuminated gifts, carved and personalized, made entirely in handicrafts.

The work done with embroidery is mainly divided into two categories.

First, the client's requests and instructions or orientations are made based on what the client wants to accomplish with his / her gift.

And secondly, the works made by Lady herself, which come to the site as gift ideas.

Both categories have almost the same treatment in work processes.

Initially the design chosen by the client or by Raimonda himself is thrown on A4 paper as a line painting, creating the archive.

Then from the paper, the A4 design is thrown into the piece by carbon copying it from the A4 by hand or by light copying.

Next, embroidery begins, that depending on the type of design, different techniques are used, such as. azhur, rococo, stick work, braids etc.

The closing is done by closing the back of the embroidery when it is a loom.

The package with which each gift is delivered is also conceived and realized by Raimonda herself, along with handmade boxes.

Before delivery, as well as during the work process, we make videos / photos.

The category of products that Raimonda and her family have created is very diverse: embroidery on t-shirts produced by themselves or brought by the customer, embroidery on Hoodie, made by handmade or according to the customer's request, bags as accessories that we produce handmade with beaver material and come embroidered with design according to the client's wish, personalized meringue bags (tote bag), denim material for backpacks made handmade and with embroidery with design.

There can also be circular looms of different sizes, frames in the case of birth certificates or various paintings with embroidery depending on the client's request.

"As mentioned above, there are special orders, and a series of products where every time on the site we try to publish new works that we realize to become part of the life stories of anyone who wants to order."

When asked how they see their business after 5 years, they say: “Hoping that our family grows into this small venture we have undertaken, we wish that not only online, but handicrafts and products have a store of small where they can be promoted and be closer to the public. ”

Where: Tirana

What: Embroidery


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