Nora's business was born by chance during the summer holidays in 2015. During the holidays, having fun and relaxing at sea, Nora was inspired to use the stones for some artistic works and there was born "Baby's Foot".

Stone is the basis of all her works: each work has at least one stone in the center.

The first but also the most important stage for Nora is the conversation with the client, the understanding and clarification of the request.

Then follows the selection of the stone or stones, their coloring and the plate or surface on which they will be placed to create the order.

Although the basis of the work is stone, Nora also uses porcelain and special paints for each type of material she will use.

You can find Nora online on her social pages where in the showcase are the completed orders but also any special creation that is not commissioned but that comes from her inspiration and expresses creativity.

Nora tells that art is a soothing medicine for the soul.

Like many artisans we have introduced, the profession and work often practiced is very different from passion: so is the case with Nora.

An economist by profession, which she practices, Nora has continued to dedicate herself to her passion for art, having the support of her family.

Born only as a creation "Baby's Foot", after various requests and her creativity, the works now include different themes such as dedications for weddings, birthdays, holidays, but also those for mother, teachers, etc..

Something new that has recently done is the reproduction of Albanian and Kosovar folk costumes. And we can not disagree with Nora when she says that the reproduction of national costumes is a pleasure for the fact that the colors are diverse but also because, as she says "we have the most beautiful costumes in the world"

Where: Prishtina

What: Stone art

Instagram@ shputeza_bebes_punedore_nora_b

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