Her business was born a few months ago as a result of losing her job after the birth of her son. Her passion for frames and miniatures became a reality as Nita also won a Gizi grant for Women Entrepreneurs.

Nita describes her work with a lot of love and details: "at first the frame is prepared by the mediapan and colored 3 times. The background is worked with papers with different designs, with the help of professional shapes and plasticine, the environment and other frame details are prepared.

"Once glued according to the composition, the other details are also painted. In some cases, the LED lighting is placed and the frame is ready."

At the moment @fjongeshop is only available online and the works you notice are all custom made. Asked how she sees herself after five years, Nita says: "After 5 years, I envision myself as a successful entrepreneur, which has at least 5 employees."

Nita is a very dedicated architect, wife and mother, workaholic, detailed and much loved.

Where: Prishtina

What: Frames and miniatures


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