We introduce you to Kristina from Shkodra. Her work started a few years ago but in 2016 she opened her Instagram page "Kris_art_design". The idea was born from her passion for decorating her room with her creations.

"When someone had a birthday, the gift was definitely created by me. What you create is always something unique, which you can not compare with any finished product. "

Kristina's works consist of the use of three materials:

  • Textile Materials - Creations start with a simple piece of textile along with a thread and a needle. She sketches on the piece the model she wants to create, which can be a welcome ribbon, a personalized pillow, body embroidered with the name of the newborn baby, etc.… Once the sketch is done, continue with the embroidery of the details, eyes, name, etc. i.e. everything that that work contains. In the end, after it has been given the shape and finished with the embroidery, the filling of the work is done from the inside, to make it look as real and complete as possible.
  • Paper and cardboard - Kristina's purpose for her work is to make the postcard, not just two pages filled with lines. "With a little creativity and work you can give her another image. You can give it a three-dimensional look by combining details that are directly related to the person to whom the postcard will go. ” From postcards, she has continued with memoirs, which contain on each of their pages three-dimensional works, created only from paper. In each work is hidden a message, a photo, a beautiful memory that connects the person who donated it to the person who receives this work.
  • Polystyrene - Birthdays are those occasions where Kristina combines paper works with those made of polystyrene. "What art lovers love most are the names created with polystyrene." says Kristina. Once the polystyrene is sketched and cut in the shape of the name, the most beautiful part is its painting. Painting is always associated with a hobby or preference of the child having a birthday. The letters are painted with the favorite character, can be related to sports, animals, anything related to the child who receives it.

Kristina only works with the messages that come to her site and being personalized works, the preferences are different.

Asked how she imagines herself after 5 years, she says: “First of all, I hope that the success of my works will only increase. And why not, have my own physical store, where all my work can be reflected.

"To have a small 'showroom', where people not only order, but have the pleasure of seeing the works and being inspired."

What characterizes Christina most is the creativity and desire to be part of the happiness of others. Art and creation are what inspire her and add color to her life. "When you see that happiness in the eyes of a child comes from a work made by me, it is the greatest pleasure that an art-loving artisan can get."

Where: Shkodra

What: personalized gifts


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