Xhensila, a 28-year-old mother of a little girl, graduated at the Academy of Arts for Monumental Sculpture. After studies, Xhensila has had different experiences with big projects and also with different materials.


This artisan describes herself as "a twin sign, very optimistic about life, I always think at the good side of every bad thing, I take things more sporty, I have a lot of confidence, I have talent and a very critical eye to see things properly , not only in art but also in other fields. I can not live without work, and if I did not work it seems to me to make no benefit to the planet."

Xhensila, a 28-year-old mother of a little girl, graduated at the Academy of Arts for Monumental Sculpture, and after that she did a 2-year specialization. After her studies, Xhensila had different experiences with big projects and also with different materials, such as clay, polystyrene, wood, recycled materials, concrete, ceramic plus additives such as oxides, and recently terrazzo where she is currently working with its products.

Her young age has not stopped her from four years of experience with ceramic works where she is involved in a technique different from what ceramics itself contains! Xhensila tells that the works were mainly the implementation of projects given in collaboration with the architects and the project designer, where these projects included the covering of large surfaces of various buildings (villas, palaces, garages, corridors, etc.) of ceramic facades all handmade. This was the longest initiative and experience in ceramics where there were also small works such as: vases, sculptures, various figurines, various souvenirs, jewelry and everything that contains ceramics.

After this experience, which Xhensila tells with great enthusiasm, she decided to open her own workshop and work on a material different from what she had worked on until then: terrazzo! This material is based on white cement which is processed with additional materials such as various pebbles, glass, etc. And as a work perfectionist she is, Xhensila personally selects every additional element to have complete control over the effect and colors that the final product wants to get. Currently she is experimenting and treating vases, but she says that with this material many other things can be created such as coffee tables or decorative, and in addition this material intertwines very nicely with wood or metal. "Every working day for me is new along with the works" Her wish is to open an exhibition-workshop where clients can see and touch this material and create with this artist something special and unique.

During our exchange to get to know each other better, Xhensila also told us why her page is called "make_by_jenna" and not made: "in fact make has a personal meaning where I want to show that I create something of myself. So in this case I do from Jenna and not made by Jenna. It is dedicated to myself and what others see and what they want to get from me, at least in the future!"

Where: Tirana

What: Terrazzo


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