Lezhe Craft Center "Artistike Zadrima" was born in 1993 and continues to be one of the most engaged centers in the preservation of ethnocultural heritage.

tereze gega

The workshop was born in 1993 in a small village of Lezhe, with the aim of recovering and enhancing the old tradition of work at the loom, characteristic of the Zadrima area in Northern Albania.

This tradition has been handed down from generation to generation for centuries and in the years following the fall of the dictatorial regime, these works became much appreciated, especially by the migrants returning to Albania and wanting to buy local (and authentic) products they represented a tradition of their country of origin.

Mrs. Tereze Gega ,which was left without work immediately after the fall of the regime, was the first to resume work of weavering. A first immediate support to her initiative was given by the Missionary Don Antonio Sciarra, a missionary in Blinisht (Lezhe) who helped her to finalize her work in a small center, calling other women to join the cause. In a short time this laboratory became self-sufficient and managed by the women themselves.

Seeing the appreciation of the market and the need to make itself more visible and accessible by more customers, the laboratory moved to the city of Lezhe. The center works thanks to a distribution of chain work, in which 20 women are currently employed. Seventeen of them work at home, dealing only with the drafting of the threads and the production of the fabric. In the laboratory, on the other hand, three women are employed, including Mrs. Tereze herself, who designs and realizes the different models of the products.

The Artisan Center of Lezha after 25 years of experience, has become one of the most important nationwide, gaining more and more interest from the public and collaborators nationally and internationally.

It is an important center that stands out not only for the type of products but also for the fact that around this activity, there is an influx of women and families in situations of great hardship and with great economic problems.

For many of them, this work is the only source of income for the sustenance of the family.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Artisan Center of Lezha with various programs at the public level or with different NGOs, more than 200 women and girls have been trained on a professional level, in the field of craftsmanship and tailoring. Thanks to this, many of them managed to integrate into the labor market, emerging from a situation of marginalization, closure and poverty.

Where: Lezhe

What: Handloom

Instagram: @artistikezadrima

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