Laura studied painting at the Faculty of Arts in Prishtina. It was during a student visit to the University of Tirana that she first came into contact with ceramics.

This new art form enticed Laura’s curiosity and it was then that she began to study and learn about the art of ceramics. Years later, in 2003 Laura opened her studio and business.

Laura treats functional as well as decorative ceramics, but always finds a way to give her pieces a unique and special artistic form.

Frequent techniques of ceramics used in her works are; terracotta , raku, smokedfired, naked raku etc.

The work process depends on the material and technique,but if you follow @studioura on social media or their website websites you will easily understand how much professionalism and dedication she devotes to her art.

First, the clay is shaped (by hand modeling), then it is left to dry naturally.

Products are fired in a professional oven for ceramics known as a Kiln. After the products have been dyed and glazed, depending on the technique treated, the second or third firing is done.

This entire process is what makes her work unique and professional.

Studio Ura is located in Prishtina, Kosova. The studio is spacious and exhibits various types of unique, handmade one of a kind ceramics that are exclusively made my the artist Laura Sllamniku Kryeziu.

Studio Ura offers Workshops and Beginner Ceramic Courses for kids and adults.

Participants have the opportunity to create their own groups with friends and family, or come with colleagues as a fun team building exercise.

All students who participate in the Beginner Ceramic Course will have the opportunity to exhibit their work for friends and family at a formal Exhibition help upon course completion.

Where: Prishtina

What: Ceramics


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