amargi team

When you wear Amargi, you wear the story behind it.

In the journey toward the beautiful, Amargi stays true to its roots.

The word ‘Amargi’ translates from ancient Sumerian as ‘return to mother’.

Through the exploration of the Albanian ethnographic heritage, Amargi seeks to reawaken a national intellectual wealth that will evanesce with the generation of our grandparents.

The annual collection roams from region to region in search of shapes, colors and motives silenced in museums.

At the core of the brand is their selection of artisan hand-loomed fabric, deliberately chosen in support of the local economy, the empowerment of women and the principles of sustainability.

The business has been on the market for almost a year, but about 4 years in mind.

Originating from an area (Mirdita) very rich in etnographic elements and traditional home decoration elements, the girls had the idea to take advantage of this wealth and reflect it for Albanian fashion.

These elements are very well related to the conscious principles of Sustainable Fashion that is getting more and more voice and they thought that this was a very good intersex.

The fabrics used is hand- woven fabric with loom.

Every season, brings the new collection.

But stock is not produced, but only customized orders are received.

Asked how they see themselves after 5 years, Amargi says: "We see ourselves as the signature of the modern Albanian woman, in the sense that every woman would like to have something from our collection or personalize an outfit with us."

Where: Tirane

What: Fashion


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