The workshop "Vasili Ceramic Studio" was opened in 2003. The workshop is located in Krajen, between Lezha and Shkodra.

jana kukaj vasil kukaj

Being with Don Antonio Sciarra, Vasili studied and learned the art of pottery processing in Italy.

After returning home, he opened his own workshop where he still works with his wife, Jana.

Although Jana has not completed specialized studies in this field, her talent in painting and drawing is translucent and her hand is seen in every work.

Returning to Albania in '99, Vasili was one of the first to see beyond what the Albanian market could offer.

In the years when leaving Albania for European countries was almost the only employment and profit opportunity, he returned to his homeland and decided to open a workshop, to invest his time, work, will and all his wealth in this craft.

Clay used is localized and taken a few meters away from the workshop.

The colors used for the works are twofold, depending on the works and their use.

For creations that are intended for use as kitchen utensils and that are in contact with food, crystal colors are used, which are safe.

For the creation of various souvenirs or paintings, acrylic paints are used.

Today, the works of "Studio Qeramike Vasili" complete the tables of some of the best restaurants in the country, including Mrizi i Zanave në Fishtë, Mullixhiu in Tirana, and many others in Albania.

The studio works include special orders such as hand-painted dishes that have the most of the Italian market, and various glasses for local restaurants.

Various souvenirs are also created here, including Skanderbeg's busts, ceramic items with ethnographic motifs destined for the tourist market.

Among the variety of works is a stunning range of kitchen utensils such as plates, cups, pans, serving trays and a variety of vases and bottles for oil, honey and other liquid products.

Painted by his wife, Jana, children and other family members, the colors and themes include lemons, flowers and traditional ethnographic zadrimore and albanian prints.

The workshop clientele is in the Albanian majority but there are still many tourists who like and select them.

Currently, 4 people work in the workshop.

But it's not just about Vasili's income, it's about his passion and doing what he loves. Vasili explains that he feels lucky in his life to achieve something he likes to do, and that he is able to earn as little from it.

Where: Krajen, Lezhe

What: Qeramike

Instagram: @studio_qeramike_vasili

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