Dorina has completed her studies in journalism. Although she has not worked in her profession, her studies are valuable for her accuracy and precision in her work.

Dorina Muhaj Bota Magjiplote e Letres

Just like a real journalist, Dorina spends a lot of her time documenting her work, especially when it means reproducing a popular costume. But the magic of paper does not stop at clothing.


She says:

"The thought of opening a page dedicated to my passion for quilling has been around for a long time, only it has not been able to get my head out of the daily running, loads and responsibilities. A year ago, the conditions were broken. to dedicate myself to crafts.In the beginning I started it just to relieve the accumulated stress and fatigue and then to give gifts to acquaintances.I posted the photos of the works without any concrete ideas in my mind, since I did not even know how they worked an Intagram page. After I started collaborating with the NjiMar NjiMrapsh store I decided to take it seriously and put it back to work. Slowly I am learning to take care of the look of the page as well. How do I name it? I started with a name in English, thinking that this technique is not very well known in Albania, but I quickly regretted it. Then I named it the current "Magical World of Paper". The "letter" had to be that it does not work, since I only work with paper. A stream of ideas of works that could be realized was flowing in my mind, this is where "Bota" came from. While "Enchanting" is forthe effect that handmade work has on me: when I finish any work, I always take some time to contemplate and enjoy the work of my hands.

She has an ambition in mind:

"I want to one day organize weekly classes with children and adults to learn the techniques of working with paper filigree."

"The hours that will be spent in these classes should be pleasant, positive and where everyone can show their creative side, even those who think they have no talent at all. "If I could publish a book on the art of paperwork, where history would be intertwined with detailed instructions on how to learn this art."

Dori describes herself as "I love life very much and I'm like a child who enjoys simple things: colorful paper, nature, books, wine and chocolate, the good ones. And when it comes to work, even small jobs, I do not enjoy easily, not without giving the maximum. I try to get along well with all people, but I only have a few friends, because I'm a bit like a closed type."

We will surely be among the first trainees! What about you?

Where: Tirane

What: Paperwork

Instagram: @bota_magjiplote_e_letres

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