This artisan girl is Brisejda "Brisi", born and raised in Tirana. An artisan who "always has the tendency for a positive spirit in every situation, inspired by the waves of the sea and the nature that surrounds it".

She tells us that Brisi'sBijoux was born very spontaneously. It all started 6 years ago, at a time when she started to fill her free time with simple creations and personalizations of the accessories she had bought.

So gradually she started to focus on a new technique that she has always wanted: "to turn natural flowers into jewelry accessories, in order to preserve the colors of plants forever." Thus began the "period of self-taught study".

"Many hours spent in front of the computer studying tutorials and learning resin work techniques." Brisi shows that the beginning was "break five and create one", but this thing was very significant for her, it was like a challenge where she had to improve step by step techniques and creations, a challenge that continues to this day.

It all starts with what Brisi intends to create and often times the creations start with flower arrangement, but before reaching the composition, the flowers must already be dried so that wherever Brisi goes she is not separated from her block where she puts the flowers to dry or the leaves.

Then comes the part where the flowers or leaves are put on the resin, which requires a patience, which she tells by laughing, she has discovered in herself only by dealing with this technique.

The resin requires a long time of processing and drying, so depending on the technique and layers it uses, it takes about 3 or 4 days until the final product. Brisi shows this part of collecting flowers and leaves on the block as a romantic stage of work, a stage that is the opposite of that of resin processing, a stage that transforms the artist who works with a face mask and heat gun or flame in hand.

This is because the resin emits gases during its processing and limiting.

Generally @brisibijoux's creations start from an idea which is then liked and commissioned.

Brisi tells that every work is unique and she even says that "for sure if I repeat it, it will turn out very ugly and without love"

When asked how she imagines herself after 5 years, she says:

“For me Brisi's Bijoux is a medicine for the soul, this is how it started and this is how it will continue, creating every job with more love and dedication. It has been five years since I started and I can say that it was very gradual and full of beautiful and new things. After 5 years I see myself with a wider variety of products made of resin and with a complete studio. "

Where: Tirana

What: Accessories in resins


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