The next artisan we introduce is Belinda but we believe we all know her by the name Bela Maçi. She started her activity 8 years ago when she worked as a costume assistant at one of the national televisions.

bela maci

During that period she noticed that in the position she was she was lacking creativity and was not 100% free in creativity.

The courage to start the activity was given to her by her husband and thus was born what we already know as BelaBelinda

All creations are her inspiration, both clothing designs and accessories.

Although for accessories Bela does not make preliminary sketches. They are instant inspiration that comes at the moment the materials are open on the desktop.

In terms of clothing sketches, a preliminary study of the client's body structure and materials is done.

The materials used are of the most varied: pearls, stones, cords, metal threads, wool threads, leather and also vary according to the seasons and the occasion.

belabelinda albartizan

You can find Bela in a small studio / shop but there is a lot of love inside.

If we were to summarize Bela in one expression, it would be "CARPE DIEM" because she does not like to make plans but to live every moment at the maximum of her energy and creativity.

"It does not matter the form that art takes, it can be a drawing, painting, accessory or an outfit, it always allows people to express themselves and communicate with each other."

Where: Tirane

What: Jewellery

Instagram: @bela_maci

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