Arta founded ACHAOS in 2017. Under this brand, Arta specializes in the production of bags, wallets, belts and other accessories made by hand with the main material being leather.

The idea came to her immediately after graduating from the Faculty of Arts, with the desire to create an artistic future with handicrafts.

Arta summarizes the phases of the works in:

  1. Product design - preparation of paper and 3D sketches
  2. Preparation of templates for work.
  3. Cutting pieces of leather
  4. Treatment of the skin with lotions and creams before coloring.
  5. Engraving with special tools;
  6. Painting or painting by hand.
  7. Sewing the pieces and adjusting the edges.
  8. Coating the final product with moisture protection cream.

The products that ACHAOS deals with are labor products and at the same time Arta calls them "Works of Art".

She says: "These works are made of leather (Vegetable tanned leather) which is processed very naturally and without chemical bases. We use premium leather, cut, handmade and hand-painted cheap for it ensure a work of art that our clients will proudly carry. ”

Being more focused on bringing innovation so that each product is unique and special, Arta has managed to work only with personalized orders. But she is constantly creating new models bringing different motives in the variety of her products.

"In the future, ACHAOS intends to employ some other workers who will help in the production of products mainly in the technical aspect of production and with hope and work to achieve to have our physical store in Pristina." she expresses.

"During my schooling, I got to know the inner side of my art, the principles and

the capacity I possess. Studying in the branch "Conceptual Art and New Media" for about four years at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo, has greatly influenced my career development and my personality. I had the opportunity to develop my artistic thoughts, expressing and realizing a concept in various media such as paintings, installations, videos, photographs, etc.

What I like most about Art in general is that it can be personally expressive, but for most viewers it can also be provocative. ”

Where: Prishtine

What: Leather accessories

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