Two economist sisters in the profession, but with passion, dedication, patience, love for beauty and handicrafts, they transmit sensations through jewelry in metal and clay. They live and create their ornaments in Gjirokastra, and by nature, the details of Gjirokastra architecture, the costumes of their city, are inspired and begin their process of creation.

They tell that "The creative artisanal process of jewelry is our oasis." Androniqi and Ardita remember that since childhood they have cultivated the desire and ability for handicrafts.

Having the good fortune to grow up in a family with the qualities of a working man, master of stonemasonry, embroidery, crochet and loom, they improved these gifts during their participation in cultural activities stimulated by various creative aspects such as painting lessons, recycling, work with polymerized clay.

Gradually in adolescence, with the tools found at home, they began to adjust the jewelry they had and began to sew with the wires and pliers of the father, simple accessories for themselves, mom and then for friends

. They remember that it all started in the spring of 2015, after a conversation with the head of the Gjirokastra Foundation, thanks to the welcome and motivation, when they decided to participate in their first handicraft fair in Girokastra.

"September 2015 is our first official promotion and sale. There we were introduced to local and foreign visitors under the An'Art brand."

"In the metal technique, the shape will be cut according to the sketch with metal scissors or saws. The model has to be cleaned and sanded.

It will be passed to carving later, with different hammer heads, chisels, markers. And again at the end it has to be cleaned in a chemical solution. Then the holes will be opened to be caught in the clip for pendants, or bracelets. The selection of precious stones or pearls will be combined. The connection will be made with the cut pattern. At the end the silver clip or nickelfree. Then comes the equally important process for us of photographing creation "- they tell about one of the different creations they make.

The materials used are specific to the realization of handicraft ornaments. The sisters work with metals such as copper, bronze, alpaca, polymerized clay, and natural gemstones, pearls, and crystals.

Where: Gjirokastra

What: Jewelry


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